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Cutting-edge technology for greater efficiency and economy

A modern and efficient production. The enable our ENGEL injection molding machines with tie bar-less technology. The closing force of the spray gun cover 25 to 220 tonnes from a wide range. This diversified machinery allows us to manufacture of diverse parts and varying numbers of cavities. Another plus: The high-tech plastic injection molding machines enable the processing of high-performance plastics at high temperature.

Our parts are well received

Whether bulk production or filling in stackable blisters thanks to our Pick & amp; Place 6-axis robots: We go careful with your parts and assemble them according to your desire. We plan and coordinate the logistics. So your plastic parts are quickly and properly in the desired location. We also provide modules for you together. We also produce your plastic parts, buy parts provided according to your desire one, assemble these into subassemblies and send them packing back to you.

Voices of employees

Our modern machinery allows me to work efficiently. The accessibility tools I change rapidly and ergonomically. Our customers are supplied with the faster its entirety.

Rolf Gatti
Employees Hans Brunner AG