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The perfect solution for your plastic parts

Hans Brunner AG

the perfect solution for your plastic parts

Who thinks while drinking coffee on the plastic parts in his machine? Or when skiing to its binding? Hardly anyone. Fortunately not, because ultimately it is confident that all components function properly. For the Hans Brunner AG provides. We produce all plastic parts with the utmost precision. Therefore we rely on well-known companies. Rely on us!

We produce individual and high-quality plastic parts for 25 years. They are found in all walks of life: insulin syringes, hangers, floorball sticks or watches. With passion and expertise, we are implementing your plastic parts and accompany you from the idea to the prototype to the finished solution. And that should be perfect for you. We achieve this with a daily passion.

Customer opinion

Trust is the most important basis of a business relationship for me. We speak to cooperate with the Hans Brunner AG for 25 years for themselves

Stefan Ibach
CEO Fritschi AG